Private Events


Our paintbar is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion including birthdays, corporate events, gatherings, fundraisers, you name it!  We can also come to you with all the materials ready to go! We have special rates for private events and can also provide food and drinks on the day. To schedule one, you can simply contact us through any form and we can discuss the details. We are very flexible and will try our best to fit your occasion.


We have different styles of experience including, but not limited to:

Free Painting

Everyone comes and paint their own artwork!

Follow the Leader

Our painting instructor guide everyone step-by-step, starting with an empty canvas and finishing with a beautiful artwork. You can choose from our many paintings or do a custom one.

Two is Better than One

Two people paint their own canvases that creates a complimentary picture together. Great for couple gatherings.

Make a Mural

Everyone paints their own canvas to create a bigger picture. Great for baby showers or office events. 

Musical Painting

Paint when the music starts but freeze when the music stops and change seats. A great way for team-building or just to have fun. At the end, everyone's original canvas has been painted by other people.